The Spell of Religion arrives on the airwaves this month

One of our frequent commenters, Sheri Lawson has written about about gay marriage and Mormons, entitled The Spell of Religion. She’ll be discussing her book on God Discussion Radio at 7 p.m. PDT on Thursday, August 27th. Details about the program, as well as information for tuning into the broadcast online can be found here.

Sheri’s shared a lot with MfM readers as she’s made her journey through the maze of Proposition 8-related politics. It should be interesting to hear the show. The folks at God Discussion have this to say about her book:

The Spell of Religion is much more than a book about gay marriage. It is a deeply personal journey that Sheri shares with us about finding her own truth, at all costs. It is about the role of religion in our culture and how it is taking on a warlike, “us vs. them” stance that demands conformity. And for those of us who are not Mormon, it is a fascinating and compassionate look into a church that is so veiled with secrecy and misunderstanding.

6 Responses to “The Spell of Religion arrives on the airwaves this month”
  1. Sheri says:

    Thank you for posting this. I want to point out that if it had not been for the Mormons for Marriage website, my book may have turned out far different. Because of your loving and compassionate approach to the topic of Mormonism and gay marriage I was able to buffer the anger I felt toward the church I had been raised in. My journey out of the church began back in 2000 when they became involved in the politics of gay marriage. Although I’m not gay myself, nor are any of my children, I, like you, believe that denying same gender couples the right to legally marry is far removed from anything that the Savior ever taught. I hope to hear from some of your readers during the talk show.

  2. Sheryl says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow night. I will be purchasing your book.


  3. sheri says:


    Thanks so much for your participation last night on the BlogTalk Radio discussion. How do you think it went? My husband Steve recorded it and I stayed up and listened to the whole thing again. There were obviously some things I would go back and change if I could, but overall, I think it went pretty well. Let me know your thoughts.


  4. Sheryl says:


    I really enjoyed it. There were some technical glitches (and interference on the homefront) and so I missed some of it. I think that wanting to go back and clarify something we said is alway the case.

    I didn’t realize until well into the program that we could ask questions the entire time. Figured they’d interview you then open it up for questions. I like the format they did.

    My son is excited to listen to it, he had to teach last night, so I’m glad that it will be archived.

    Looking forward to getting your book.


  5. Deborah says:

    Sheri did an excellent job. The BlogTalk platform crashed when we were just starting out, so the first few minutes were totally messed up. But Sheri was gracious, smart and witty … making the rest of the interview an enjoyable experience. We promoted “Mormons For Marriage” in the interview.

    We really appreciate all of you who listened. Sheri’s interview is archived and can be listened to “on demand” at:

  6. Sheryl says:

    Thank you, Deborah for that link. I’ll forward it to my son so that he can hear the interview.