It’s Getting Better at BYU

Thanks to Kendall Wilcox, who says, “As part of the quiet launch of the website we’re releasing the It Gets Better video from the BYU-USGA students. Congrats to them all for sharing their story of hope for LGBT Mormon youth. Please share the video with others!”

Violence Doesn’t Change Hearts

And poking a stick into a turtle’s shell won’t make the turtle come out any time soon, it will only kill the turtle. With the high emotions surrounding this issue, it’s unfortunately probably inevitable that there will be individuals who take it upon themselves to mete out vigilante justice and threats.  Whether the threats are […]

More Mormons for Marriage: All You Need is Love….

Four* LDS people discuss their feelings about Prop. 8. We welcome submissions of other videos expressing respectful opposition to LDS church involvement in California’s Proposition 8, or Arizona’s Proposition 102. *Around a month after these four videos were posted, two of our guests were contacted by their local church leaders, and those local leaders asked […]