Happy Birthday, Mormons for Marriage

Four years ago, as hundreds of thousands marched in San Francisco’s Pride Parade, hundreds of LDS bishops stood at pulpits asking Mormons to do all they could to support Proposition 8. Four years later, hundreds of Mormons across the country (and around the world) are stepping out in pride parades in support of and in […]

It’s Getting Better at BYU

Thanks to Kendall Wilcox, who says, “As part of the quiet launch of the farbetweenmovie.com website we’re releasing the It Gets Better video from the BYU-USGA students. Congrats to them all for sharing their story of hope for LGBT Mormon youth. Please share the video with others!”

Loving others means…standing up

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes this post from an old friend who, under a bit of ecclesiastical pressure, censored herself.  Her whole blog post is definitely worth reading.  Here’s an excerpt: … While the chorus for marriage equality grows louder, the choices facing Mormons

Did You Join the Impact?

Saturday was a day to join together across the country for equality. If you attended a rally, here’s where you can share your thoughts, feelings, stories, pictures, links, etc. If you took videos (camera or even cell phone), Will Neville (who works at a national nonprofit dedicated to youth activism) is trying to put together […]

How Do You Respond in Church?

I’m wondering if there’s anyone who could share a story or suggestions for how to effectively respond to this issue when it comes up during church. This website forum is great, but the most frustrating thing is to sit in Relief Society when a ward leader is reading an announcement about it and not know […]