The Beginning of the End

This afternoon marked the final hearings in the flurry of appeals related to the Perry v. Schwarzenegger case. A decision on the constitutionality of California’s one man-one woman marriage definition could be issued at any time, whenever the three-judge appellate panel is ready to sign off on the decision. Court watchers are hoping for an […]

One whole, unshattered piece

Dr. Gregory L. Smith, the new associate editor at the FARMS Review (a publication in the process of changing names to Mormon Studies Review) has given me something interesting to write about here just before the “Circling the Wagons” conference in Salt Lake City in November. We’ve been in a bit of a lull, in […]

Loving others means…standing up

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes this post from an old friend who, under a bit of ecclesiastical pressure, censored herself.  Her whole blog post is definitely worth reading.  Here’s an excerpt: … While the chorus for marriage equality grows louder, the choices facing Mormons

Standing on the corner, outside the fire

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals folks have been busy today.  Let’s examine what they’ve done:

“Overnight we had once again become second-class citizens”

Guest post by Mario J. Aranda Mario J. Aranda lives with his husband Greg in Marin County, California. Semi-retired, he most recently was Director of Clinical Services for a large family services organization, where he counseled families affected by domestic violence. He has been an educator, civic leader, an entrepreneur, and newspaper publisher.  He was […]