When is a kiss more than just a kiss?

There’s been some concern the past two weeks over an incident on the LDS-Church-owned Main Street Plaza in Salt Lake City where a gay couple was handcuffed and cited for trespassing after they refused to honor security guards’ requests to cease and desist from kissing on the Plaza. There are two versions of the story, […]

LDS Church Response to Prop 8

SALT LAKE CITY 5 November 2008 Since Proposition 8 was placed on the ballot in June of this year, the citizens of California have considered the arguments for and against same-sex marriage. After extensive debate between those of different persuasions, voters have chosen to amend the California State Constitution to state that marriage should be […]

Of First Graders, Field Trips and Weddings

Some readers have requested a bit of fact-checking on the recent field trip some San Francisco first-graders took to see their teacher married. So here you go. About the School: Creative Arts Charter School is a K-8 school that focuses on an arts-integrated, project-based curriculum. Children in grades K-5 spend two years with the same […]

Religious Organizations Should Not Rely on False or Misleading Legal Arguments in their Zeal to Support California Proposition 8

By Morris A. Thurston I have received a copy of William Duncan’s response to my “Commentary on the Document ‘Six Consequences . . . if Proposition 8 Fails.’” I must say that I am disappointed and somewhat bewildered by both the tone and content of his piece. He misrepresents the point of my Commentary and […]

The October 8th Broadcast

We’ll have more up before Friday, but here’s a spot to discuss the broadcast on this site.  What were your reactions?  How many people were there?  Have you checked out the Church’s new site for Yes on 8 materials? As with all things at MfM, honest, thoughtful comments are welcome, but please be polite and […]

Rebuttal to “Six Consequences if Prop 8 Fails”

Guest post by Morris A. Thurston An anonymously-authored document titled “Six Consequences the Coalition Has Identified if Proposition 8 Fails” is currently being distributed by a coalition of churches and other organizations in support of Proposition 8, an initiative on the November 2008 California ballot. The intent of Proposition 8 is to overturn the California […]

Examining the Consequences of Prop 8 – Part 1

Several versions of a document entitled, “The [insert number here] Consequences of a Loss on Prop 8″ have been circulating on blogs and emails for about a month now.  There are many places online where rebuttals have been posted, with varying degrees of rancor, including here. For a link to Part 2, the document created […]

Come listen to us on RadioActive Tuesday the 9th

Mormons for Marriage friends Lisa Fahey,  Laura Compton and Carol Lynn Pearson will be the guests on Tuesday’s RadioActive program broadcast from Salt Lake City on KRCL 90.9. Lisa and Laura will be on for the first half hour (5-5:30 PDT) representing Mormons for Marriage and Carol Lynn will be on for the second half […]

Why aren’t Civil Unions Good Enough?

Yesterday the LDS Church released a statement of its position on marriage. There is a clarification of the church’s position on rights such as those established by civil unions and other anti-discrimination laws: “The focus of the Church’s involvement is specifically same-sex marriage and its consequences. The Church does not object to rights (already established […]