An Open Letter to Prop 8 Supporters

Dear Prop 8 supporters, I remember this feeling you may be feeling today, now that Prop 8 appeals have been exhausted and same-sex marriages are about to resume in California. I remember this feeling that your vote doesn’t count. The feeling that all the time, money, effort, hard work and dedication you shared didn’t matter. […]

It’s Getting Better at BYU

Thanks to Kendall Wilcox, who says, “As part of the quiet launch of the website we’re releasing the It Gets Better video from the BYU-USGA students. Congrats to them all for sharing their story of hope for LGBT Mormon youth. Please share the video with others!”

Gay Mormons? A Summer Reading Essential

Yes, there are gay Mormons, and their stories are compelling. Brent Kerby’s put a bunch of them into one book, now available online and in paperback or on Kindles. As more people in American society find safety in sharing with friends and family that they are attracted to members of the same sex, it’s no […]

Loving others means…standing up

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes this post from an old friend who, under a bit of ecclesiastical pressure, censored herself.  Her whole blog post is definitely worth reading.  Here’s an excerpt: … While the chorus for marriage equality grows louder, the choices facing Mormons

An answer to prayer

Bob25 wrote this comment in another thread, and I thought it was a strong enough comment to deserve its own thread. If you want to talk about Elder Packer and his position on historians (which position is also discussed in his biography, not just here on the internet), please use the thread on the talk. […]

An Unexpected Path

Joshua is an active Latter-day Saint in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2009, he was sealed to his spouse in the Oakland temple and currently serves in his ward’s Elder’s Quorum Presidency.  In 2007, he came out as a gay Mormon.  He discusses the challenges of a mixed-orientation marriage in light of the fight […]

You Know Who I Am

Mitch Mayne is a gay Latter-day Saint living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He originally shared this story as part of a group of meetings in the Oakland and Walnut Creek, California Stakes. He is currently writing a book about his experiences growing up as a gay Mormon, and this writing will appear in […]

Of Good Report – to ‘bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light.’

Over the past few weeks, one stake presidency has begun taking a very active role in finding ways to encourage, support and welcome some of the more invisible members of their wards – those who are gay/lesbian and their family members. Would that such meetings were more common occurrences. One attendee noted: I have just […]

Mother Bear By Candlelight

Guest Poster Joanna is a California Mormon who has recently been speaking out against Prop 8. I am Mormon, and I voted no on Proposition 8. It was painful for me when the Proposition passed, and it is equally painful to me now to see Mormon temples as the focal points of large protests in […]

“Overnight we had once again become second-class citizens”

Guest post by Mario J. Aranda Mario J. Aranda lives with his husband Greg in Marin County, California. Semi-retired, he most recently was Director of Clinical Services for a large family services organization, where he counseled families affected by domestic violence. He has been an educator, civic leader, an entrepreneur, and newspaper publisher.  He was […]