Happy Birthday, Mormons for Marriage

Four years ago, as hundreds of thousands marched in San Francisco’s Pride Parade, hundreds of LDS bishops stood at pulpits asking Mormons to do all they could to support Proposition 8. Four years later, hundreds of Mormons across the country (and around the world) are stepping out in pride parades in support of and in […]

New Lifeline for LDS Families with LGBT Children

Bob Rees is a former bishop and has spent several decades reaching out to and working with LGBT Mormons, providing resources and support. He is currently teaching Mormon Studies at Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. LDS families have a new resource for supporting their LGBT children. The booklet, Supportive Families, Healthy Children: Helping Latter-day Saint […]

Appealing Appeal

Well, that was interesting.  Let the analysis and commentary and discussion begin.  If you haven’t had a chance to view or listen to or read about what went on in San Francisco today, check the links out first. It will probably take some time for the rulings.  Even though they heard both arguments today, they […]

Latest LDS Instructions on GLBT Issues

The LDS Church issues instructions and guidelines to local leaders in a book called the Church Handbook of Instructions.  A new version is being released this weekend, replacing the 2006 version and its updates. Local leaders, who are not professionally trained clergy, rely on a combination of worldwide satellite broadcast trainings conducted by General Authorities, […]

Why would God allow his children to be born homosexual?

This question was posed at General Conference Sunday morning: “Why would God allow his children to be born homosexual?” Why would God allow his children to be born poor? or right-handed? or green-eyed? or Mormon? or Jewish? or Muslim? or rich? Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe, just maybe, God loves us, no matter how, where […]

Facing East Performances in June

For those of you in, around, or going to Southern California in June – Carol Lynn Pearson’s play, “Facing East” will be performed by the International City Theatre in Long Beach June 9 – July 5 (no performance July 4). If you haven’t had a chance to see this story about Mormons and homosexuality, here’s […]

Answers: The Bible and Homosexuality

Guest poster Sheldon Greaves holds a Ph.D. in ancient Near Eastern Studies from the University of California at Berkeley where he specialized in Hebrew Bible. He is currently the Chief Academic Officer at Henley-Putnam University, where he also teaches classes in Religious Extremism. Proposition 8, Homosexuality, and the Bible: An Excursus Now that the “family […]

Top Ten Talking Points about Same Sex Marriage (LDS POV)

For those interested: Top Ten Talking Points about Same Sex Marriage. (Note: This link will take you off the MormonsforMarriage pages.) One major question that continues to pop up is the argument that the will of the people has been overturned by four justices on California’s Supreme Court.  For a detailed discussion of the workings […]

Welcome to Mormons for Marriage

Between now and early November 2008, we will be releasing a steady stream of posts, articles, and videos from members of the LDS Church in support of gays and gay marriage, and in opposition to California’s Proposition 8. The 3 purposes of this site are: To let the world know that not all Mormons (LDS […]