Latest LDS Instructions on GLBT Issues

The LDS Church issues instructions and guidelines to local leaders in a book called the Church Handbook of Instructions.  A new version is being released this weekend, replacing the 2006 version and its updates. Local leaders, who are not professionally trained clergy, rely on a combination of worldwide satellite broadcast trainings conducted by General Authorities, […]

California Faith for Equality

If you’ve seen us at Facebook, you may have noticed a link to a Catholic Statement Supporting the Freedom to Marry in California. That statement is part of a broader call to action for people of faith who are standing up in support of marriage equality. If you’ve been following us here and wondering what […]

Mormons for Marriage at Sunstone West

Several friends and participants at Mormons for Marriage recently participated in a panel session at Sunstone West, sharing their personal experiences and insights with Proposition 8 as it played out in California.  “Proposition in All Things: Post-Election Perspectives on 8″ answered the questions, “Where did we come from, why are we here, and where are […]

Prop 8 hearings, vigils this week

The oral arguments will be held Thursday, March 5th in San Francisco.   The decision is expected to come down in June.  There are candlelight vigils scheduled in cities across California and the nation. Television and Online Webcast To increase public access to the court session, the Supreme Court has designated the California Channel, a public […]

Did You Join the Impact?

Saturday was a day to join together across the country for equality. If you attended a rally, here’s where you can share your thoughts, feelings, stories, pictures, links, etc. If you took videos (camera or even cell phone), Will Neville (who works at a national nonprofit dedicated to youth activism) is trying to put together […]