They Said What? When?

About half way through 8:The Mormon Proposition, a handful of quotes attributed to Mormon church leaders fade on to and off of the screen.  Were the quotes accurate?  Were they taken in context? Were they recent or ancient?  You decide.  There are a couple of quotes missing, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging […]

Wait a Minute – Is That Really True?

Folks watching 8:The Mormon Proposition for the first time this week have been coming up with questions and concerns about the movie’s claims.  Here’s a little bit of fact checking and contextualization for those of you looking for it. Satellite Broadcast Training Reed Cowan begins this movie with clips

Lessons from a Documentary

Last week I read this story about eight things straight people can do that gay people cannot do. And then I listened to this radio show about GLBT teens and surviving high school as a non-straight student or teacher. There are thousands of communities in the United States where people can be fired for being […]