Homosexuality is not a choice

  • For the gay loved ones we know, homosexuality was not a choice. It is how they were wired from the very beginning. Just as people do not choose their race – the vast majority of people do not choose their sexual orientation. Strongly heterosexual people do not choose to be attracted to members of the opposite sex any more than strongly homosexual people choose to be attracted to members of their same sex.
  • Credible scientific studies have demonstrated that sexual orientation, like hair color, eye color and race, is biologically determined – and homosexuality appears in similar proportions throughout the animal kingdom as it does in humans. For some specific examples, listen to Dr. William Bradshaw of BYU’s Department of Microbiology and Molecular Biology lecture entitled “The Evidence For A Biological Origin For Homosexuality” delivered at Brigham Young University.
  • With the way gays and lesbians have been treated throughout the ages, why would anyone choose this path, a path which so often leads to so much suffering, especially for people struggling to abide by LDS religious beliefs? What could anyone possibly stand to gain in their lives by choosing to be homosexual?
  • More importantly, if you are not a gay or lesbian, stop and ask yourself this question: “Could I choose to be attracted to someone of the same sex?” We know that we couldn’t. And in our experience, neither can gay individuals choose to be attracted to someone of the opposite sex.
  • Studies also clearly indicate that sexual orientation is rarely influenced by environmental circumstances. The stereotypes that homosexuality comes from a domineering mother and a passive father have been disproven time and time again. Parents are not to “blame” for their children’s homosexuality, any more than they are to blame for their children’s skin color or heterosexuality. There are several General Authorities with gay posterity. If LDS Apostles and General Authorities can’t prevent homosexuality in their own posterity as parents and grandparents, how in the world are the rest of us supposed to? The fact is, we can’t. No one can. Sexual orientation is not a function of parenting or other environmental influences. It is strictly a physiological phenomenon.
  • In essence – as hard as it may be to hear – if you believe that God is the creator of all life, then it only stands to reason that God, not humankind, is the author of homosexuality, just as God is the author of race. Homosexuality is God’s creation and allowance – not ours. Homosexuals are born with the trait, and have no choice but to live with it the best they can. Intolerance from heterosexuals often just makes it harder for our homosexual brothers and sisters.