Come listen to us on RadioActive Tuesday the 9th

Mormons for Marriage friends Lisa Fahey,  Laura Compton and Carol Lynn Pearson will be the guests on Tuesday’s RadioActive program broadcast from Salt Lake City on KRCL 90.9.

Lisa and Laura will be on for the first half hour (5-5:30 PDT) representing Mormons for Marriage and Carol Lynn will be on for the second half hour (5:30 – 6 PDT).  The call-in number for the radio station is 1-888-404-6050.

If you can’t get KRCL over your radio, they’ll stream it live at their website, linked above.

If you have questions or comments about the broadcast on the 9th, feel free to post them here.


Update:  The MP3 version of this broadcast is now available on RadioActive’s website:

2 Responses to “Come listen to us on RadioActive Tuesday the 9th”
  1. Lady says:

    Thank you for the wonderful broadcast last night! My husband and I listened intently. We were incredibly moved by what was said and grateful to those who participated in this discussion. I hope there are more broadcasts like this, and more opportunities to champion for human rights in our community. God bless you!

  2. admin3 says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. For those who missed it, we’ll put up a link to the podcast when it’s available from KRCL.