Homosexuality: A Straight BYU Student’s Perspective

I’d like to share with you the newly revised (and now available in hard copy) edition of Homosexuality: A Straight BYU Student’s Perspective by Brad Carmack: Brad’s pulled together research and anecdotes, science and emotion, rational and religious arguments focusing on the causes and effects of homosexuality. He also addresses popular arguments for and against […]

Why I Supported Prop 8

Some may question why we have this post here at Mormons for Marriage, since the website is a place where people (Mormons in particular) can come together and find community in their support of marriage equality (and, in particular, their opposition to legislation such as Proposition 8 which defined marriage as being only between a […]

Two Decades of Mixed-Orientation Marriages

The Journal of Marital & Family Therapy is releasing its latest entry on peer-reviewed scholarship about mixed-orientation marriages, and since this is a topic that comes up a lot here at Mormons for Marriage, it’s only fitting that we avail ourselves of the opportunity to see what the state of research is at the beginning […]

Standing on the corner, outside the fire

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals folks have been busy today.  Let’s examine what they’ve done: