How many deaths will it take

til [they know] too many people have died? I spent the evening remembering young gay Mormon men and women like Todd Ransom who have committed suicide. Three this month in Utah. And the list was already too, too long. Adding on to the toll was the accidental death of two matriarchs of the gay Mormon […]

Bits and Pieces

Just some notes to catch us all up on what’s been happening around the world and what’s coming up soon. We’ve got several conferences and events in the next few weeks/months some of you might enjoy attending. First, in the Perry v. Schwarzenegger case (aka the Prop 8 trial): We are anxiously awaiting the judgment

They Said What? When?

About half way through 8:The Mormon Proposition, a handful of quotes attributed to Mormon church leaders fade on to and off of the screen.  Were the quotes accurate?  Were they taken in context? Were they recent or ancient?  You decide.  There are a couple of quotes missing, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging […]