Facing East Performances in June

For those of you in, around, or going to Southern California in June – Carol Lynn Pearson’s play, “Facing East” will be performed by the International City Theatre in Long Beach June 9 – July 5 (no performance July 4). If you haven’t had a chance to see this story about Mormons and homosexuality, here’s […]

And the verdict is –

California‚Äôs courts have spoken in a 185-page 6-1 decision, and it is time for all of us to acknowledge the weighty matters our Supreme Court justices deal with on a regular basis. The work they do is hugely important to each and every California resident, and early analysis of this decision indicates that, although Californians […]

Mormons and Prop 8

Of course, many have heard by now that the Supreme Court decision on Proposition 8 will be released on Tuesday morning. We’ll have some notes about what’s happening in the aftermath of the decision Tuesday afternoon. In the mean time, you can check out what PBS’s Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly is reporting about Mormons and […]

California Faith for Equality

If you’ve seen us at Facebook, you may have noticed a link to a Catholic Statement Supporting the Freedom to Marry in California. That statement is part of a broader call to action for people of faith who are standing up in support of marriage equality. If you’ve been following us here and wondering what […]