Did You Join the Impact?

Saturday was a day to join together across the country for equality. If you attended a rally, here’s where you can share your thoughts, feelings, stories, pictures, links, etc. If you took videos (camera or even cell phone), Will Neville (who works at a national nonprofit dedicated to youth activism) is trying to put together […]

Seeking Forgiveness and Making Amends

Guest poster Steve M. is originally from Southern California. He attended Brigham Young University, and currently lives on the East Coast. He is an active Mormon, serving as a Primary Teacher in his local ward. Like so many others, I was distraught as I watched the Proposition 8 campaign unfold in California. Although churches and […]

Violence Doesn’t Change Hearts

And poking a stick into a turtle’s shell won’t make the turtle come out any time soon, it will only kill the turtle. With the high emotions surrounding this issue, it’s unfortunately probably inevitable that there will be individuals who take it upon themselves to mete out vigilante justice and threats.  Whether the threats are […]

Mother Bear By Candlelight

Guest Poster Joanna is a California Mormon who has recently been speaking out against Prop 8. I am Mormon, and I voted no on Proposition 8. It was painful for me when the Proposition passed, and it is equally painful to me now to see Mormon temples as the focal points of large protests in […]

“Overnight we had once again become second-class citizens”

Guest post by Mario J. Aranda Mario J. Aranda lives with his husband Greg in Marin County, California. Semi-retired, he most recently was Director of Clinical Services for a large family services organization, where he counseled families affected by domestic violence. He has been an educator, civic leader, an entrepreneur, and newspaper publisher.  He was […]

An email from a Mormon opposed to 8

Guest post– an email sent by Glenn Cornett to his friends shortly after the passage of Prop. 8. Many of you (this is a bcc list) know I am an actively-practicing Mormon (actually, all of you do now).  I wish to make clear my  thoughts on my church’s “successful” role in the passage of Proposition […]

Gays, Families and Faith, a Report by Fox News Utah

“Mike and Judy Nelson who were both LDS members had six children – two of whom were gay. The Nelson family sided with supporting their two gay boys despite the judgment brought on by the LDS community. Now, Proposition 8 threatens one of their boy’s marriage in California. FOX 13′s Nicole Hunter highlights their story […]

Take Heart – A Change is Gonna Come

An anonymous commenter has summed up much for us here. Thanks It looks like Prop 8 is gonna win, but let’s try not to despair. This battle may be lost, but I strongly believe that the seeds of ultimate victory have already been sown. They are just gonna need time to sprout. A change is […]

LDS Church Response to Prop 8

SALT LAKE CITY 5 November 2008 Since Proposition 8 was placed on the ballot in June of this year, the citizens of California have considered the arguments for and against same-sex marriage. After extensive debate between those of different persuasions, voters have chosen to amend the California State Constitution to state that marriage should be […]

“All Are Alike Unto God”: Reflections on Proposition 8

Guest poster JBK presented this speech at an ecumenical No on 8 rally this morning in Southern California. November 1, 2008 I am a lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a Mormon, a mother, a writer, a scholar, a feminist, and a community activist. I am also the […]