Healing After the Last Ballot is Cast

When the phone banking, donating, meeting, emailing, facebooking, sign posting, interviewing, u-tube uploading, twittering, blogging, talking, myspacing and bumper sticking is over we are still sisters and brothers. All of my family and extended family, most of my fellow church members and some dear friends are against gay marriage. It has been hard to be […]

Meditations for Nov. 2nd

Otherwise known as All Souls’ Day.  And, in America, the Sunday before the election.  And in Mormon America, the Last Chance to Bear You Testimony before Election Day.  Since testimony meetings are supposed to focus on the Savior, and since you won’t be able to speak broadly about politics on Sunday, here’s your chance to […]

Of First Graders, Field Trips and Weddings

Some readers have requested a bit of fact-checking on the recent field trip some San Francisco first-graders took to see their teacher married. So here you go. About the School: Creative Arts Charter School is a K-8 school that focuses on an arts-integrated, project-based curriculum. Children in grades K-5 spend two years with the same […]

A Mother’s View on Church Involvement in Prop 8

October 15, 2008 Dear Elder Cook, I am a wife and mother of two young children, a girl that is 7 and a boy that is 4. In March of 2009, my daughter should be baptized, but this is not going to happen. I have asked that they stop attending the Mormon Church because of […]

Religious Organizations Should Not Rely on False or Misleading Legal Arguments in their Zeal to Support California Proposition 8

By Morris A. Thurston I have received a copy of William Duncan’s response to my “Commentary on the Document ‘Six Consequences . . . if Proposition 8 Fails.’” I must say that I am disappointed and somewhat bewildered by both the tone and content of his piece. He misrepresents the point of my Commentary and […]

Parker v. Hurley Examined

By Morris A. Thurston The Family Research Council Video and the Massachusetts Case of Parker v. Hurley ________________________________________ Several people have asked me to comment on a video currently making the rounds concerning school children in Massachusetts who were exposed to materials promoting tolerance of same-sex marriages.  The video is narrated by Tony Perkins of […]

The October 8th Broadcast

We’ll have more up before Friday, but here’s a spot to discuss the broadcast on this site.  What were your reactions?  How many people were there?  Have you checked out the Church’s new site for Yes on 8 materials? As with all things at MfM, honest, thoughtful comments are welcome, but please be polite and […]