Have four judges overturned the will of the people?

Four of seven California Supreme Court Justices have, indeed, ruled that a law proposed and voted on by California voters was unconstitutional. Here are some more facts: California’s Supreme Court justices are appointed by a governor, but are then voted on at the next general election. Californians can, in that way, reject a governor’s nomination. […]

How Do You Respond in Church?

I’m wondering if there’s anyone who could share a story or suggestions for how to effectively respond to this issue when it comes up during church. This website forum is great, but the most frustrating thing is to sit in Relief Society when a ward leader is reading an announcement about it and not know […]

Why aren’t Civil Unions Good Enough?

Yesterday the LDS Church released a statement of its position on marriage. There is a clarification of the church’s position on rights such as those established by civil unions and other anti-discrimination laws: “The focus of the Church’s involvement is specifically same-sex marriage and its consequences. The Church does not object to rights (already established […]